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Creative Industry Market Research

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Traditionally, research and creative industries speak a different language. Despite working for same clients, neither of the industries help the other achieve true effectiveness.

At THINK, we do this differently. We independently test creative executions to identify opportunities for amplifying the impact of communication ideas and the execution, without disregarding the existing elements that are working.

Traditional research has often resulted in abandoning effective creative ideas due to wrong reasons. Research approaches widely used for advertising effectiveness prediction testing failed to separate the flaws in ideas and the execution, and further break down the executional elements that were contributing to negative results.


  • Validating decisions at each stage of the production process – from cast hiring to the script and execution effectiveness
  • Distinguishing whether the issues lie in the ideas or execution – to ensure one does not make the other unnecessarily redundan
  • Minimising budget and time wasted on refinements by “testing as you go”
  • Pinpointing the elements that need refinement, rather than disregarding the whole concept
  • Having the confidence that there will be no major “surprises” at the final stages of campaign testing


Research can enhance creativity.

  •  Traditional research has often resulted in impeding, rather than enhancing creativity. The majority of research was only conducted at the start and the end of the research process, making it hard to monitor the effectiveness of creative decisions made “in between”.
  • At THINK, we focus on testing the right elements at the right time. Testing each of the campaign components as the production process unfolds allows making quicker adjustments. As a result, clients and agencies avoid having to waste unnecessary budget and time down the track, with final testing showing no “major surprises”

THINK Global Research Creative Model



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