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THINK’s facilities and qualitative approaches are anything but clinical, with the newly refurbished space designed to foster creativity.

THINK utilises engaging techniques that inspire and create ideas not just conversation.

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Qualitative research is as much of an art as it is science. At THINK, we are determined to build the ideal environment to uncover customer insights, and our modern facilities were designed with the participants at heart.
We believe the level of comfort and ease directly correlates with the insights that are generated during discussions. The layout of our facilities creates a collaborative and creative environment for our participants, with non-intrusive HD cameras set up around the room to assist observers.
Our modern facilities can accommodate face-to-face interviews, further fleshing out qualitative insights to suit your needs. The comfort of our interviewees will be our utmost priority, we want discussions and feedback to be as honest and as insightful as possible.


Our spacious observation room can accommodate up to 15 people. The viewing environment is designed to allow focus room observers to relax, be comfortable and enjoy the special occasion. We strive to accommodate all our clients viewing needs: comfortable furniture, high quality audio system, high definition TV and of course, gourmet catering! Furthermore, you will have an option to have commissioned face-to-face interviews recorded on video or audio to further assist with business problems in the future.


Our modern facilities accommodate for in-house digital usability testing, allowing you to watch consumers navigate through your website. In house digital testing will allow you to gather quantitative data that will be supplemented with qualitative data.






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