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Sensory & FMCG



THINK’s Sensory & FMCG division is led by industry experts with global experience in food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical products and other fast moving consumer goods.

Offering a unique blend of customised research techniques, THINK creates a strategic research approach to client challenges at hand, engaging end-to-end with all facets of the business. and ensuring results are delivered with a commercial lens focusing on ROI.

Types of testing we offer:

  • Trained Panel creation and consulting for industries
  • In-house Sensory Panel facilitation and management for industries
  • Industry Sensory analysis training
  • Sensory Data analysis and auditing
  • Consumer sensory & product research (Central Location Tests, Home Use Tests)
  • Quantitative Sensory testing (Descriptive Analysis, Discrimination Testing, Shelf Life Testing)
  • Consumer Preference mapping (drivers of liking)
  • Consumer language analysis and development
  • Qualitative Sensory testing (Focus group, In-depth Interviews and Ethonographics)
  • Concept, pack and product optimisation
  • Research with target audiences (e.g. children, elderly, mothers)
  • Market segmentation, conjoint and modelling
  • Emotional analysis (sensory, branding, product concept)
  • Product marketing and market analysis
  • Strategy and  Implementation



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