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Retail Market Research

THINK Global Research Trolley

Specialising in Shopper Marketing and Buyer Behaviour Research, THINK Retail identifies what people buy, why they buy and how they buy, in order to facilitate business decisions. THINK’s strategic approach focuses on identifying opportunities to further increase retail effectiveness.

THINK utilise a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to divide the optimal approach to derive your shopper market strategy. We measure, observe and shop with the customers, to get a 360 degree view of their behaviour. How do they shop? What motivates them to purchase? At what point to they engage in rational thinking, and when do their emotional triggers kick in? These are the questions we answer, in order to provide you with guidance on what to sell, where and how.



THINK Global Research Path to Purchase Model2




  • Wayfinding
  • Product placement optimisation
  • Pathway Analysis and in-store traffic


  • In-store experience
  • Transaction and service optimisation
  • Competitor analysis


  • Packaging
  • New Product
  • Sensory Testing


  • Shopper profile segmentation
  • Shopper motivations and barriers
  • Accompanied shopping
  • Observation research


  • Price optimisation
  • Price elasticity
  • Yield management


  • Product purchase
  • Product support optimisation
  • In-store promotions and POS research
  • Vendor expansion: market gap analysis


  • Brand positioning
  • Brand image
  • Re-branding


  • Mystery shoppers
  • Customer-led evaluations
  • Performance benchmarking and training


In today’s competitive retail landscape, the key to staying on top is to know your customers back to front. Best companies know how to anticipate their needs more than the customers can themselves. They utilise data and behavioural observations to predict future purchases, demand for products and the likelihood of uptake. At THINK, we partner with companies to identify the future retail opportunities for their business, by anticipating and forecasting your customers’ needs before they arise.



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